Plymouth State Balance Study

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The Balance Study Research Team

Marjorie King

Dr. King is a professor at Plymouth State University in the Athletic Training Department. She is the primary investigator on the project and was key in bringing INBRE to Plymouth State. She has recently been inducted to the Athletic Training Hall of Fame. 

Brian duclos

Brian is studying Advanced Athletic Training with a concentration in Higher Education at Plymouth. He graduated from the University of Vermont in 2012 with a degree in Athletic Training. His future goals involve working in a collegiate setting or in professional sports as an athletic trainer. 

Samantha Sheehan

Samantha is a senior at Plymouth State University studying Exercise and Sport Physiology. She hopes to attend graduate school for Occupational Therapy following her undergraduate academic career. 

Carly Burrows

Carly is a senior majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Allied Health Science. She plans on graduating in 2015. She intends on pursuing an accelerated nursing graduate program after completing her undergraduate degree. 

Garrett Loomer

Garrett is a senior at Plymouth State University studying Exercise and Sport Physiology. Following his undergraduate degree, Garrett intends to go to graduate school to become a Physical Therapist. 

Stephanie grajek

Stephanie is a graduate student at Plymouth State University studying Advanced Athletic Training with a concentration in Higher Education. Stephanie completed her Undergraduate degree at Northern Michigan University in Athletic Training. After graduation she plans on working as an Athletic Trainer in the Collegiate setting.

Nicholas Allard

Nick is a senior at Plymouth State majoring in Exercise and Sport Physiology. Nick intends on graduating May 2015 with honors. He would like to attend graduate school the fall following graduation to either become an Occupational Therapist or a Physician Assistant. Nick is also a member of the Men's Varsity Lacrosse team at Plymouth.

Laboratory Alumni


Precious Hammond 

Precious is a Athletic Training graduate student from Plymouth State University. She got her Bachelors in Athletic Training from Norwich University in Vermont. Precious was an essential part of the Physically Active study. 

William Eissler

William was an undergraduate student who had been working on the project since October 2010. He had a double major at Plymouth State University in Applied Health Fitness and Nursing. He worked on the Elder study as well as the Physically Active study.


Stephanie Rochford

Stephanie is a student at Plymouth State University majoring in Psychology. Stephanie was essential to previous studies because she was able to provide the overlap and continue the project after Precious and William graduated. 


Jenna is a student at Plymouth State University. She is a Health Education major, with a Health Promotion option. Jenna has worked in the Health and Human Performance Department for two years and was added to help the team in a variety of ways. 


Tom is a professor at Plymouth State University in the math department. He had been working on the project for over a year, helping with the statistical side of the study. With the help of some students Tom was been able to run data for previous studies and help make sense of all the numbers.


Arianna is a graduate of Plymouth State University, receiving her Bachelor's in exercise and sport physiology at Plymouth State University. Arianna recruited and tested subjects as well as analyzed the data collected. For the future, she hopes to continue her education in graduate school for Physical Therapy.

Ryan Kempson

Ryan was an Undergraduate at Plymouth State University who recently graduated with his Bachelor's in Applied Health Fitness. Ryan helped collect data for the Elder study. He also worked to develop a balance workshop and recruitment. Ryan recently landed a job working as a Trainer for Cape Cod Rehabilitation. 

Marie Trombulak

Marie (pictured right) was an Athletic Training graduate student who has recently graduated. She worked with William and Ryan to help collect data in the Elder research project. She got her Bachelors's degree from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. Marie has completed her Master's degree in Athletic Training, and is currently working as a Medical Sales Representative at a Pittsburgh area buisness.

Kelsey Gaurino

Kelsey was a Biology major at Plymouth State University. She was recruited to help write a literature review for the Elder study in order to organize all of the resources gathered throughout the research process. Kelsey graduated from Plymouth State Universityf with her Bachelor's in Biology.

Travis Sievers

Travis is a graduate of Plymouth State University majoring in business. He had worked with Stephanie and helped with the Physically Active Study to organize paperwork and input data. Travis graduated with his Bachelor's in Finance.